Our Unduplicated Promise (UP) to you is your satisfaction, guaranteed! Through Benchmark’s “UP” program, if you are not completely satisfied with your Benchmark equipment, tell us. Benchmark will evaluate your needs, and upon approval, replace your equipment with an identical or comparable model at our cost. * 

*Terms and conditions apply.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Benchmark Equipment, you may request a replacement with an identical model or, in the event that an identical model replacement is not available, a model with comparable features and capabilities will be provided.

The term of the Unduplicated Promise (UP) program is applicable for the term of the lease, from the date of the initial Equipment installation, or up to 36 months for purchased equipment. Benchmark’s UP program applies only to new, qualifying A3 or A4 MFPs acquired by you from Benchmark, and continuously and exclusively maintained by Benchmark under Full Service Maintenance.

The UP program is not applicable to Equipment damaged or destroyed due to reasons beyond Benchmark’s control or responsibility or damaged or destroyed by the Customer, its employees or agents.

Benchmark reserves the right to void the UP program agreement if the Customer is in arrears with respect to any payments owing under their Benchmark Order Agreement. This guarantee is subject to all limitations set forth in any warranty or service agreement for this equipment. *

*To the extent the foregoing differs from the UP program as stated in agreements entered into between Benchmark and you, the contractual terms and conditions shall supercede this UP program.