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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Copier - COVID

Benchmark is striving to continue supporting small and local businesses while keeping health & safety in mind. With regard to social distancing, we've put together some tools to help you manage your office equipment and solve issues yourself if possible.

Our maintenance and training services are always available remotely during business hours and most issues can be solved without a visit from a service technician.

If you have a question or need some help, connect with our Smart Center online or give us a call at 1.800.378.9179

Cleanliness & Sanitation

Service to our customers is very important, however, so is safety. Our technicians will always call first before visiting your office. At that time please let them know if there are any specific instructions or restrictions before entering your company. They will be wearing disposable gloves while working on your equipment. They will also wipe down all touch points with the recommended cleaning solution provided by the equipment manufacturer.

To keep your equipment clean from daily office use, we've provided some resources for effectively cleaning office equipment yourself:

Our AMAZING Marketing Manager put together some tips to help you keep your copier sanitized and germ-free.



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